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Custom Videos, Flip-Books, and Amazon Monetization

We Specialize in AI Custom Videos,
3D Animated Flip-Books, and AI Narration

Mark Peltier-Robson - Founder
Mark Peltier-Robson - founder

Audio Welcome from Mark

As the owner of Imagin8tive™ Creative Agency, I invite you to join me on a journey where I take your creative thoughts and help transform them into breathtaking visuals and harmonious auditory experiences. I refer to myself as an “AI Artisan”. I understand the importance that captivating content carries for businesses today. That’s why I’ve committed myself to finding and mastering the most potent AI-driven creative tools out there. With my expertise, you’re able to grow your online business using our AI Custom Videos, spellbinding 3D Animated Flip-Books, and lifelike AI Narration – without the high price tag other agencies charge. This is my niche! I can Save You Money!

I personally ensure that you’re not just accessing creative services, but you’ll get Creative Solutions that will help propel you, your Brand, and your Business into the future.

Custom Videos

Listen to AI Sally narrate about our AI Custom Video Solutions...
→ Book AI Sally to narrate content for your Website or Business.

Look no further! Our AI Custom Video service includes unlimited components and elements to make your video flawless.

With our professional blending of video, photo, text, and royalty-free background music assets – your video will be sure to catch the eye and ear of anyone who views it. Plus, our customized animated introductions will ensure that your video stands out from the crowd.

You even have the freedom to select the AI Narrator…

Our AI Narrators will perfectly align with your brand, project, and personal preference. Every Narrator possesses a distinctive tone, inflection, and delivery style, ensuring your message becomes truly unforgettable and impactful. Our diverse pool of AI Narrators caters to various preferences – offering options such as male or female voices, professional or casual styles, as well as upbeat or serious deliveries. Rest assured, we have – or we will find – the perfect Narrator to meet your specific needs.

Not only will your AI Custom Video be visually appealing, but it can also increase your sales and convert viewers into customers. We produce your video in high-resolution .mp4 HD format. Your video will receive huge news and views on your website and on social media platforms like YouTube.

Are you ready to create an AI Custom Video that highlights your business? Our prices start at just $169 for our 2-4 minute Dynamic Explainer Videos. That includes all of the royalty-free creative assets needed for your project. The average production time is 1 week to 10 days, so you’ll have your custom video in no time. Don’t wait any longer to receive the benefits of an AI Custom Video.

Sample Videos

Premium Explainer Video -
Real Estate Agency
Premium Video e-Book Chapter
Dynamic Explainer Video -
"The Power of Video Marketing"
Premium Animated Video Intro
Spectacular Premium Music-Video Style Company Showcase
3D Animated Flip-Books


Listen to AI Stanley narrate about our 3D Animated Flip-Books...
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Custom Made 3D Flip-Books
3-D Flip-Books are Fun and Engaging!

Discover the Gateway to Unparalleled Branding Opportunities with our exclusive 3D Animated Flip-Books.

In today’s fast-paced digital realm, novelty combined with a touch of creativity is the true game-changer. And what stands out as a beacon of innovation? Our exclusive 3D Animated Flip-Books. These aren’t just any digital formats; they are transformative tools poised to redefine the way you Market, Present, and Engage.

Imbued with your brand’s distinctive message, these captivating creations will etch themselves into the memories of your audience. Whether it’s a script you’ve passionately created or one entrusted to our team of narrative artisans, we are primed to craft an interactive journey that mesmerizes from the first page to the last.

A Powerful Marketing Tool Tailored Just for You

Prices for our entry-level 20-page 3D Animated Flip-Books start at an accessible $250, ensuring that groundbreaking innovation isn’t just a dream—it’s well within your grasp.

Our 3D Animated Flip-Books’ magnetic appeal lies not just in their novelty but also in their adaptability. Let us transform your conventional PDF into an interactive world, seamlessly integrating videos, photos, and links that breathe life and dynamism into your message. The 3D flipping effect, coupled with this media-rich experience, promises to hold your audience in rapt attention, making your content both a visual treat and an informative delight.

It’s time to revolutionize your branding and marketing strategy. Set your brand apart in a digital sea of sameness by harnessing the undeniably Potent Power of 3D Animated Flip-Books. Elevate presentations, supercharge product showcases, and reimagine your creative campaigns, transcending the boundaries of conventional formats.

Beyond Just Books—They’re Experiences

3D Animated Flip-Books, in essence, are a harmonious blend of entertainment and information. As they flip through, readers not only consume content but also engage with it, ensuring an enriched and lasting impression. Share these interactive wonders on social media, incorporate them into your emails, embed them onto your website, or even use them as the highlight of your webinars and product launches.

In the expansive world of digital marketing, it’s vital to remain a step ahead. With our 3D Animated Flip-Books, you’re not just ahead—you’re charting a new path, creating experiences that resonate, intrigue, and most importantly, leave an indelible mark.

You will soon realize that 3D Animated Flip-Books are Fun and Engaging!


AI Narration

AI Narration

Listen to AI Michael narrate about our AI Narration Solution...
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The world of artificial intelligence has been on an exhilarating journey over the past decade.

Tracing back to the early days, we recall robotic and mechanical voice outputs that, although groundbreaking, were worlds apart from the cadence and warmth of natural human speech. The journey from those initial steps to today’s AI-driven narrations – which stand almost indistinguishable from a human speaker – is a testament to technological ingenuity and persistence.

This transformation wasn’t the result of a sudden epiphany. Those initial text-to-speech systems, groundbreaking for their era, had their limitations. They lacked the rhythm, the melody, and the emotional depth of genuine human conversation. However, with the advent of machine learning and deep learning models, a revolution was underway. These powerful AI engines voraciously consumed data, internalizing the subtleties, tonal variations, and emotional undertones of human speech. Powered by prodigious computational capabilities, they mastered the art of analyzing and replicating the diverse patterns of human speech with astounding precision.

Enter Imagin8tive™ Creative Agency, a pioneering force in harnessing the potential of AI for businesses.

Our expertise lies not just in utilizing AI, but in sculpting, creating, and producing using its multifaceted capabilities. This adeptness translates into tangible benefits for our clients. While traditionally, ventures like voice-over projects and custom video productions might have burned a hole in the pocket – often costing threefold more than AI solutions – with Imagin8tive™ Creative Agency, quality is not sacrificed for cost. We ensure businesses access top-tier voice quality without the exorbitant price tag, translating our expertise into significant cost savings for our clients.

Visualize a corporate website where upon entry, visitors are greeted by a warm, human-like voice, succinctly guiding them through services and products. Picture an e-commerce platform where, instead of just reading product descriptions, potential customers get an AI-powered Narrator detailing each product’s features, benefits, and user reviews, creating an enveloping shopping experience. Envision employee onboarding or training modules where AI Narrators guide new hires through processes or a customer support system where queries are addressed with a personal touch. The applications are endless: from immersive interactive voice responses (IVRs) in call centers to real-time product demos powered by AI Narrators, businesses stand on the cusp of a user engagement revolution.

In essence, the landscape of voice technology, underpinned by AI, is rich with potential. The benefits are clear: unparalleled realism, cost-effectiveness, and a broad spectrum of applications tailored for businesses keen on amplifying user experiences.

As we navigate the waves of this digital era, and with Imagin8tive™ Creative Agency as your trusted guide, we warmly invite you to experience the magic of AI Narration. Dive into the samples provided on the AI Narration page, and immerse yourself in the blend of technology and artistry, witnessing firsthand the might and finesse AI has to offer.

Click the button below to hear some samples.

Additional Solutions We Offer You

Additional Solutions:

With Imagin8tive™ Creative Agency, you're getting more than just a Creative Team; you're getting Comprehensive Solutions to Elevate your Brand.

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Additional Solutions: Exploring the Array of Services Offered by Imagin8tive™ Creative Agency

People Ask: "Why work with an Agency?"

The Case for Working with Agencies

Discover Your Benefits: Unlocking the Advantages of Collaborating with an Agency

Listen to AI Matilda narrate this Blog Post for you - "The Case for Working with Agencies"
→ Book AI Matilda to narrate content for your Website or Business.

Wondering if teaming up with a creative agency can make a big splash in your brand’s visibility?

Well, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a leisurely stroll through the benefits of shaking hands with an agency. No heavy marketing lingo here, just good old-fashioned conversation.

  1. Tried-and-True Pros

    First up, when you hire an agency, you’re bringing in a group of bonafide pros. These folks eat, sleep, and breathe their craft. They’ve walked the walk and talked the talk in everything from branding to graphics, copywriting to web design.

    If you had to pick your team in a schoolyard style, wouldn’t you want the seasoned all-stars on your side? That’s what partnering with an agency gives you.

  2. Time: Our Most Precious Resource

    Picture this: you’re juggling a dozen tasks, trying to keep your business afloat, and someone suggests you learn the latest SEO strategies. Sounds impossible, right? When you work with an agency, they tackle the trends while you focus on steering your business. You save time, which in business terms, means saving money.

  3. An Outside-In View

    Ever get so involved in a puzzle that you miss the obvious solution? It happens to the best of us. Bringing an agency into the mix is like inviting a friend over who can see the picture clearly. They ask those pesky questions you might overlook and introduce strategies you might not have considered. Their fresh perspective can be the key to your brand’s success.

  4. The Harmonizing Force

    Imagine a choir where every singer hits a different note—it would be chaos! The same goes for your brand. An agency ensures all your channels are singing the same tune, creating a harmony that resonates with your audience. Consistency is their mantra, and they chant it loud and clear.

  5. Cutting-Edge Tools in Your Arsenal

    Working with an agency is like having a VIP pass to the technology show. They’re always up-to-date, wielding the latest tools and tech that keep your brand on the forefront. It’s like having a backstage pass to the cool stuff, without needing to understand the geeky details.

  6. Flexibility to Scale

    Picture your marketing needs as a volume knob. Sometimes, you need to crank it up to eleven, other times, a gentle hum will do. An agency allows you to dial your efforts up or down to match your business’s rhythm, without having to reshuffle your entire team.

  7. Navigating the Storm

    When you’re sailing in the turbulent sea of marketing, the unexpected is par for the course. An agency is your trusted compass, guiding you through the storms with proactive problem-solving. They’re seasoned sailors, helping you weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side.

  8. One Step Ahead

    Imagine playing a game of chess where you’re always one move ahead. That’s what an agency offers—strategic advantage. They’re constantly eyeing the board, ensuring your brand stays ahead of the competition. And with their unique offerings, they add a few unexpected moves to your playbook.

  9. Crystal Ball Insights

    In business, hindsight is not 20/20; it’s obsolete. With an agency, you get foresight backed by data. They measure, analyze, and present the numbers in a way that helps you make smarter moves. It’s like having a crystal ball, only this one uses data, not magic.

  10. A Long Road Together

    Teaming up with an agency isn’t a fleeting affair; it’s a journey. They walk with you, growing and learning about your business. Over time, their insights become more nuanced, their strategies more effective. You’re not just hiring a company, but building a long-term partnership.

So, there you have it. Partnering with a creative agency is like finding a trusty guide for your brand’s journey. From experienced hands to a fresh perspective, the benefits are numerous. Are you ready to set off on this exciting trek? Every journey starts with a single step; let yours be joining forces with an agency.

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Let us turn Your Ideas into Reality, Delivering Solutions that Exceed Your Expectations...

Imagin8tive Creative Agency focuses on SOLUTIONS!

Your Vision,
Our Expertise!

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Specializing in AI Custom Videos, 3D Animated Flip-Books, and AI Narration

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